Divorce, it can be devastating for a family.  Battling it out in court can make things even more difficult.

Sometimes there is no option but to litigate, however, for others mediation may be an option.

Mediation takes two. It’s voluntary, and it only works if both sides are willing to participate.  Each party must go in with realistic expectations regarding things such as custody, visitation, property division, living arrangements, and other financial obligations.  Mediation is guided by the two parties and their specific needs and can allow them to reach settlements that would otherwise not be attainable in court.

Mediation could take an hour, or it could take a month or longer depending on the circumstances. This is where the role of the mediator comes into play.  The mediator will help each party identify the problems and help guide them into mutually acceptable solutions. A mediator can’t impose a settlement in favor of one party or another.

There are significant benefits to seeking out a trained mediator versus going to court – mediation can cost less, take less time, and allows both sides to openly communicate and cooperate for results that are in the best interest of their family.