On March 31, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation (S.854-A/A.128-A) legalizing recreational marijuana use in New York State.  It is now legal for adults 21 years and older to smoke, ingest or consume cannabis products, or give them to other people of the same legal age, with certain restrictions on quantities.  The bill also allows for up to five pounds of cannabis to be stored in a home if it is securely stored away from children.

The legalization of marijuana comes with strict guidelines, just as the sale and use of tobacco and alcohol. The use of recreational marijuana, when around children, should be treated with the same regard as alcohol and cigarettes. Parents must use appropriate judgment when using or storing, any such substance in their home.  If you abuse your right to use recreational marijuana, there can be legal consequences in connection with the custody of your children.

Regardless of the substance, a parent should be responsible around their child/children and not abuse these privileges.