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At the Law Offices of Debra L. Rubin, PLLC, we understand the intricate and often overwhelming nature of family law disputes. Recognizing that such disputes can evoke a range of emotions including confusion, anxiety, and discomfort, we are dedicated to guiding clients through these challenging times with empathy and expertise. The firm’s extensive knowledge in divorce and family law is a cornerstone to helping people navigate difficult family matters. By focusing on settlement whenever possible, we aim to preserve family relationships while addressing the emotional and financial complexities involved. Our experience and skill in both negotiation and litigation of contested matters are complemented by a deep appreciation for less adversarial approaches where appropriate. Accordingly, we also offer mediation and collaborative processes as alternatives, recognizing their value in certain situations. Whether through aggressive litigation or alternative dispute resolution methods, the goal is to provide a pathway that respects the needs and objectives of each individual client.

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As the managing partner of the Law Offices of Debra L. Rubin PLLC, I concentrate my practice virtually exclusively in the areas of divorce, matrimonial, and family law. My approach is defined by a compassionate understanding of my clients’ unique situations, coupled with an aggressive protection of their rights. I take pride in creating a supportive atmosphere for clients facing the difficult journey of divorce and other family law matters. By clearly outlining your situation, I will explain the law as it pertains to you and present options that empower you to make informed decisions. My focus is always on my clients’ needs. I listen attentively to your goals for resolving legal matters and ensure all your questions are answered. In my role as a divorce and family lawyer, I am dedicated to protecting the legal rights, familial relationships and financial interests of my clients experiencing divorce, separation, or other family-related legal challenges. I offer thorough and attentive legal representation, ensuring every client receives the care and expertise they deserve, and I will tirelessly advocate for your best interests and guide you through every step of the legal process.


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