Divorce, for many, is the easy way out of a marriage that is in despair.  Sometimes couples are so wrapped up in the heat of the moment that they can’t see possible opportunities that may help address underlying issues and prevent them from filing for a divorce.

Therapy and marriage counseling is a great place to start to work through any issues you may be experiencing. You’ll be engaging a third party, in a neutral space and be able to discuss freely and without judgment what’s going on in your lives. But this has to be a joint effort.  If both spouses aren’t willing to try this approach – whether it be individual therapy or couples – then it won’t work.

Get control of your finances. Most couples fight over money, and money is the reason a lot of marriages end.   You and your spouse need to be on the same page, have a budget and realistic expectations of your finances.  A checks and balances system for your relationship is just as important as one for your finances.