Divorce can be a very scary seven-letter word.  No one enters a marriage thinking they will have to deal with this, but should your marriage end in divorce you need to know your options when navigating a divorce and the things to consider.

First, don’t panic. You need to make sure you are thinking with a clear head.  Regardless of who initiated the divorce, you need to know how to handle things. It’s always in your best interest to consult with an attorney who can guide you towards the best method of going forward –mediation, collaborative, or litigation.  No matter what approach your attorney suggests is best, you don’t need to make your decision on the spot unless of course you wait until the last minute.  That’s why it is important to take time to go over each option and truly think about which approach best addresses the needs of your situation.

Some other important things to consider when you are getting a divorce are what can happen to the children.  How you speak to the children, care for the children and communicate with your spouse can all be considered when looking into what is in their best interest.  You may think that sole custody or limited visitation rights are the best solution, but it could be that you are your soon-to-be-ex may feel joint custody best serves your child(ren) and your situation.

Make sure you have a handle on your finances.  Know how much money is in your bank accounts and how much debt you have, if any. You should have access to any account that your name is on even if you do regularly check the account, deposit money in the account, etc.

You may be entitled to child support or spousal support based on your situation.  Each situation is different, although at times they may seem quite similar.

Divorce is a difficult road to navigate, and you should never do it alone.  If you have questions about your divorce, call us for a consultation.