Many people going through a divorce or other family law related matter have limited experience working with a lawyer; some may have never before hired a lawyer. Others may have prior experience in matrimonial litigation or in other types of cases. The tips below will help anyone going through a divorce, regardless of how many times you’ve worked with a lawyer before your current case.

Tip #1

It’s all right to ask questions. Write down any questions you have before meeting with an attorney. If you’re prepared in this way, you won’t forget to ask any questions you thought of before the meeting. Remember: there’s no such thing as a silly question. You should walk out of a meeting with an attorney with answers to your questions.

Taking the first step of going for a consultation with a divorce lawyer can be scary. Although going through a divorce can be a difficult time in your life, after your initial consultation—once you’ve gained some knowledge about the process and your initial questions have been answered—you should feel more at ease.

Tip #2

Keep track of your financial information. Going through a divorce is similar to dissolving a financial partnership. Therefore, it is critical to gather your financial information as relates to your situation.

Tip #3

Meeting deadlines. For cases that are in litigation, the Court will impose a number of deadlines. Failing to meet those deadlines can result in negative ramifications. Even if a Judge is not assigned to a case, providing information and documents in a timely manner may help you avoid judicial intervention. And, of course, turning over requested information will help expedite your matter.

Bonus Tip #4

Help your lawyer set the bar. Tell your lawyer what your expectations are about the outcome of your case. This will set the foundation for a conversation about how realistic those expectations are in light of the facts of your case.