Your divorce papers are signed.  Your ex has moved out of the house. Your kids are preparing for their new norm of spending time with each of you.  While it may seem like this is officially the end of your marriage – there are actually a whole host of things you need to make sure you take care of – because it’s more than just signing on the dotted line.

Once your divorce is finalized there are still other papers and legal matters that may need your attention.

  • Life Insurance – how much do you have and who are the beneficiaries?
  • The titles and insurance on your automobiles – whose name are they in? Do they need to be transferred? Do you need to change the location of where they are being garaged?
  • Deed to your home – make sure it is in compliance with your divorce settlement or separation agreement to reflect any changes in ownership.
  • Medical coverage – when your divorce is finalized make sure you update all medical coverage, removing your ex if necessary.
  • Close all joint credit card accounts.
  • Decide whether any joint bank accounts need to be closed.
  • Retirement accounts – are you entitled to receive retirement assets from you ex? If so, you may need a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) or a Domestic Relations Order (DRO).