For nearly three months most of us have been confined to our homes. Learning the new rules of social distancing, wearing a mask, and engaging in virtual everything.  For some, these were just new ways of life to get used to; but for others, this virus took on a whole new life of co-parenting and sharing custody.

If you or your ex are in a position where exposure is possible, then making sure you aren’t putting your children at risk is a conversation you need to have. Rather than escalate an already stressful situation, be amicable and come up with ways to keep your custody agreement intact while protecting the health and safety of everyone involved.

Get creative – set up some lawn chairs in the front or back of your residence socially distanced so that parenting/custodial can continue.  Consider turning a typical Zoom or FaceTime call into a dinner or custodial time where you can cook together, or play a virtual game.