Getting a divorce is not easy for anyone, especially children.

Parents sometimes tend to get wrapped up in their own emotions as they work through the divorce process and neglect how their children are feeling.

The stress of a divorce will impact each child differently depending on their family situation, their age, and their personality – but in the end, parents need to remember that they are adults and need to act appropriately around their children.

Even though you and your spouse are going your separate ways, you need to maintain a united front to help your children through this difficult time.

Children should not be punished for decisions that you and/or your spouse made.

Although children are resilient, and they do tend to bounce back from most things better than adults can, watching the normalcy of their life abruptly change will greatly impact them.

Remember, you chose to become parents and you chose to get a divorce, both of those are adult decisions that your children have no control over. You can and should control how you act in front of them and make your divorce as easy on them as possible.


– As parents, remain civil around each other in front of your children.

– There should not be fighting, arguing or discussions about the divorce.

– Keep blame to a minimum, do not put your children in the middle of your arguments and force them to feel they need to take sides.

– Consider programs like banana splits at your child(ren)’s school or social worker.

– Try your best to keep your children’s routines intact – don’t refuse to go to a soccer game because your spouse is going too.

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By Gayle R. Rosenblum